A Convenient BMI Measuring Device

Bsm 370


380(W) × 510(L) × 1350(H) mm : When Touch Bar is down 15(W) × 20(L) × 53.1(H) inch 380(W) × 510(L) × 2126(H) mm : When Touch Bar is up 15(W) × 20(L) × 83.7(H) inch



  • Features
  • Lcd
  • Key Specification
  • Wheels for Mobility

    Whole The BSM370 is designed for portability, both indoors and for shipping to outdoors (such as hospitals and schools.)

  • Remote Control Unit (Optional)

    Remote control unit allows examinee convenient procedure without having to move around from measuring to result check up.

  • Thermal Printer (Optional)

    Height, weight, BIM results are printed.

  • lcd_count
  • Measurement item

    Height, Weight, BMI

    Height Range

    90 ~ 200cm (2ft. 11.4in. ~ 6ft. 6.7in.)

    data-aos="fade-up"Error range

    ± 1mm

    Weight range

    10 ~ 200kg (22 ~ 441lb.)

    Display Type

    Customized LCD

    Zero Setting

    Auto 0 kg calibration during 3-15 seconds
    of warming up

    Measurement Duration

    Weight, Height Measurement : 7 sec. Weight Measurement : 2 sec.

  • Measurement mode

    Weight and Height / Weight only / Height only

    Height Measurement

    A(Measure height after weight measurement
    NA(Press ENTER button after measuring weight
    to measure height

    Weight upset

    Unit : 0.1kg, from 0.0kg to 5.0kg Unit : 0.1lb, from 0.0lb to 9.9lb


    Available to choose 'kg/cm' and 'lb/in


    Foldable height measuring part
    Attaching wheels for carrying easily

    Operation Environment

    10 ~ 40'C(50 ~ 104'F), 30 ~ 75%RH, 70 ~ 106kPa

  • Adapter

    Power Input : AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz,1.2A Power Output : DC 12V, 3.33A


    RS-232C 1EA


    Thermal Printer(Optional, the printers
    recommended by Biospace


    When Touch Bar is down : 380(W) × 510(L) ×
    1350(H) mm
    15(W) × 20(L) × 53.1(H) inch When Touch Bar is up : 380(W) × 510(L) × 2126(H) mm 15(W) × 20(L) × 83.7(H) inch

    Equipment Weight

    15.5 kg(34lbs)

    Storage Environment

    -20 ~ 70'C(-4 ~ 158'F), 10 ~ 95%RH, 50 ~ 106kPa
    (No condensation)




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